To Make the Gospel Known in Ghana Our Cause: God Glorified in Ghana


Welcome to the Baptist Institute of Professional Studies web site which introduces the Ministry of Shalom Indigenous Foundation (A Baptist Mission).


The Mission was founded in April 1989 in response to the command of our Lord Jesus Christ to go and make disciples in all nations, to baptize converts and to teach them to observe all things that our Lord has commanded. We realize that for almost 2000 years missionary work was initiated from the European and Western World. We are grateful to our brethren for bringing the Gospel here to us. We now believe that the time has come for Ghanaian believers to obey the orders of our Lord Who said,

And if I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men to myself. John 12:32

We feel it is our privilege as His people to bring Him glory by making Him known in Ghana, Africa and the whole world by God's grace


The purpose of Shalom Indigenous Foundation (SIF) is to provide a channel through which local Bible believing churches can extend their missionary vision to our nation and beyond if our Lord so permits. This will be done by directly supporting godly pastors, missionaries, and Christian workers. This is based on our belief that it is the privilege and duty of the local churches to authorize and send out its own missionaries. Therefore, every missionary and Christian worker applying for appointment under SIF must be a member in good standing of a Bible believing Baptist Church. This principle establishes and maintains a vital relationship between the missionary on the field and his home church. This relationship with SIF fosters a partnership to make Christ known to the glory of God.

  • To present the Lord Jesus Christ to all we can and win lost souls to Him.
  • To establish New Testament Baptist Churches.
  • To provide relief services to needy people


  • The work of SIF is guided by a President, a Director, an Executive Director and an Executive Board.
  • The Consulting Board is a vital part of the work of SIF. They provide council, promote the work to others, and serve as a council of conference.
  • The finances of SIF are provided by churches and individual believers who share the vision.


We live in days of theological confusion. Therefore, SIF has established policies that protect the work from dangerous compromise. We make every effort to be Biblical in our faith and practice.

Ecclesiastical Separation

SIF reserves the right to cooperate with other Christians of like faith, but we do not participate in cooperative campaigns with liberals. (ll Corinthians 6:4 –7; Ephesians 5: 11).

Tongues Movement

SIF agrees with those who teach that every Christian is indwelt by the Holy Spirit and their body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. We disagree with those who teach that speaking in tongues is an indispensable evidence of the baptism and infilling of the Holy Spirit. In stating our beliefs, we do not demean the character of those who hold this position. (1 Corinthians 6; 19; 12:1; Ephesians 5: 18)

Personal Separation

SIF believes that Christians should be holy and without blame before the Lord. This requires that we reject sin and ungodliness, worldly attitudes and actions, and any other disorderly walk that hurts the cause of glorifying our Lord. (II Corinthians 6:14-7:1; John 9:11; Ezekiel 44:2; 1 John 2:15-17; Romans 12; 2-21; I Corinthians 5:9-13).

The Local Church

SIF is an association of local churches, our purpose is to partner together with those of like faith and practice to accomplish previously. Our mutual concern is the current strong local churches to plant stronger vibrant local churches. We desire to bring our Lord glory through the churches. We desire to bring our Lord glory and to be faithful workers together with Him. (I Thessalonians 1:9,10;11 Timothy 2;15, 22; Acts 2:41 – 46; I Timothy 3:15).

Our Progress to Date

Since our began in April 1989, we have missionary pastors working with us in eight new churches. Our youth ministry, King of Kings Children's Clubs, is being used in these churches. Wehave aGuesthouse inMadina where Bible Baptist Church is located. In 1992 we started our college Baptist Institute of Professional Studies, now Baptist International Professional Schools. We have made several donations to many government institutions including; Dzorwulu Special School, Weija Leprosarium, Tetteh Quarshie Hospital, 37 Military Hospital, and Ridge Hospital. Just to name a few.

We have also established aCommunityRadio Station-Alive Fm, in Yeji, in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana to help the community; we planted several churches in Northern Ghana.


Training Laborers for Christ.

BIPS Secondary/Technical School is a Ministry of Shalom Indigenous Foundation an Independent Baptist Private Co-Education day school. Students from all other Denominations are however welcome.


The school is situated on the Baptist Internations Professional Schools Campus.In AshaleBotwe, Old Town, Accra. It’s surrounding neighborhood

Aim and Objectives:

We believe that education is the recreation and development of the true understanding and relationship between God, human being and the physical universe for the child of God.

The purpose of BIPS Sec/Tech is to train, to educate and to nurture the whole person (Spiritually, Intellectual, Socially, and Physical); to go out as occupational stewards into the world community to spread the Good News in Word and deed to the glory of God.

1. To train and Educate students to live Christian life through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and to bring about a commitment and sharing with the World as occupation stewards;
2. To train Educate students to attain and international content of education towards labour market requirement and the manpower needs of Ghana and the World as a whole. Hence within the confines of the National curricula for Basic School studies; science applied science and technology as well as Vocational and Technical skills will be emphasized.
3. To train and to educate students in Physical Education in particular long life activities both groups and individual, and in Health Education;
4. To teach love of God, man and country.


Staff/Teachers :

All staff members are Christians and the teachers are graduates and most of them are examiners.

Facilities :

Available facilities include: Science Laboratories, Computer Laboratories, Languages (English French, Greek Hebrew, Latin) Laboratories, Music, Laboratories, Art Laboratories, Wood and Metal Workshops, Home Science. Department Canteen, Bookshop, Library and Medical/ Dental Link.

Service Centre:

he Service Center comprises the following Service Units; Administrative Services, Guidance and counseling services Library, Bookshop, Canteen/ Food shop and many others.


All staff, led by a welfare office constitute the welfare.


Trained counselors/ Psychologists and the staff assist Students in this area.

Code of Conduct:

1.Decent dressing. Avoid tight fitting dresses.
2. No drinking or smoking is allowed.
3. Every Student must be punctual, regular to classes and do all assignments.
4. All rules and regulations must be strictly observed

The current Institute Catalogue can be viewed by clicking on the link below:
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