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In addition to the providing of schools and Relief to those in need We have now lunched our Moringa Project to grow the Moringa Trees to mitigate or prevent reduce the menace of Malaria mortality by 50% and reaching 85% of the most vulnerable groups;- that is Children under 5 years and pregnant women. The product will help in meeting the nutritional needs of people in Ghana and Africa at large especially malnourished children in deprived areas and the health of humanity as a whole. Diabetes and Blood Pressure is killing millions yearly and the conventional drugs are not able to provide the answer. Presently we are producing the Moringa in Powder, Capsule, Tea and Cream. Moringa can purify water and we intend to help people who have no access to good drinking water. If you can help in any way either by donation or buying our product you will be helping us to help many and save many lives. You can email us at info@gsmoringaproucts.com , or bipsgh@gmail.com, you can also visit our affiliate sites at : http://digijunction.com/health/noadel12 for special offers and help for your health needs.

Our Aim

We believe in the advancement of humanity both spiritually and physically, and also believe that being in good frame of health is a plus to the individual, family, society and national development, because a healthy body is a asset. We are therefore looking for donors and partners to fund our Moringa production. We have already planted over 6000 Moringa Trees, but our goal is 100,000 by the end of 2018.

We need to upgrade our processing plant as well as packaging. Our product is already helping people in Ghana, UK and in the USA. Join us and take the opportunity to give the gift of life preserving Moringa leaves powder and Moringa Products by your donation or by purchasing our Moringa products; to help you stay HEALTHY and at the same time helping many poor and needy children. Either your donation or purchase, you will help SLOW THE SPREAD OF DEADLY DISEASES and their vicious hold on defenseless children in Africa and other parts of the world. THANK YOU!

Shalom Moringa Products

Moringa is one of the most powerful health-enhancing plant on earth. While many things found in nature can have one or two health benefits, Moringa has so much.

Rev Up Your Metabolism
Kick-Start Your Metabolism

Whether based on belief or science, certain foods have proved to have healing powers. Moringa is a multi-purpose tree also known as The Miracle Tree. It is one of the nutritional herbs with unique healing powers. The tiny leaves of Moringa contain micro & macro minerals and vitamins which have proved=n to be essential for human growth, development and performance.
Herbal tea can help rev up your metabolic rate enough to boost your weight loss.

Health Tip: Eat moringa leaves or extracts with your morning breakfast to kick-start your metabolism
Although engaging oneself in some form of physical activity is necessary to lose extra pounds, we often look for something complementary that could expedite weight loss. Including the Moringa oleifera plant in your diet could be the answer to speed up your fat-burning process. . Every part of this plant, be it the leaves, flowers, or the seeds, are jam-packed with nutrition and are used in medicinal preparations. It is rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals, and possesses antioxidants that aid in protecting cells from damage.

Moringa is one of the most powerful health-enhancing plant on earth

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Many report having more endurance in their work, at home and play

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Moringa is also soothing, it helps lower blood pressure and is a sleep aid

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Use moringa to complement your healthy diet and exercise to burn fat and

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Grace Baptist Mission Gh Shalom Ind. Foundation Is Baptist mission (NGO) with Offices in the USA and Ghana. Operating in the following areas: Schools, Baptist International Professional Schools-BIPS, Leadership

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