The Quarshie’s July-August 2023 Newsletter

Dear Ones in Christ,
Greetings once again in Christ our Lord and Redeemer’s name. It is a real joy to follow the leading of the Lord in every aspect of our lives. This year many were asking us why we did not travel to the USA. I tell them we just felt the leading of the Lord not to travel and when they insist I tell them our grandson’s 3rd birthday will be in July and we want to be here. The truth of the matter is that God himself did not want us to travel because of what was before us. The text He gave us this year is “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path. Prov.3:5-6. Is He not AMAZING? The events below say it all. Even the strength to go through.

July and August: This year was one of the most eventful Months in our life. July 3rd, The Special celebration of our grandson Yoatham Quarshie, July 2nd was a thanksgiving service for Yoatham and the family followed by the actual day. There was a cake cutting at his school with the kids and a special dinner for him at home.
July 22nd, The celebration of the life of a family friend and National ex-fire Chief of Ghana, Bro. James was like Cornelius in the book of Acts, He was a blessing to so many people including our family.

July 27th, Sis. Ruth arrived from the States, for a two-week ministry visit.
August 29th, Donation to Save Them Young Orphanage: We went to an Orphanage in one of the nearby twin cities of Acrra, the orphanage had 53 children, 23 girls, and 30 boys. Some of them were abandoned by their families because they either had physical or mental challenges. Some were rescued from child traffickers. The items we gave them included rice pens, pencils, hygiene or care kits, used clothes, Bibles, and other items some of the items came from Mission Central. The children were very happy for the donation and the administrator was also very grateful, she was especially thankful for a children’s picture Bible. She said she had prayed for it for years. Because she needed it to teach the children.

August 1st to 5th Skill Training: Our education systems are failing us, in that young people go to school only to be taught theories not practical skills for life; as a result, they graduate from school with no skills. How can you look for work without skill? We want to help our young people with practical skills to help them for a meaningful life. The main aim of Sis. Ruth’s visit was to impart sewing skills to our young people. We began the announcement two Months before she arrived, so the training started on the 1st of August through the 5th. Sis. Ruth taught a variety of handicrafts to children, teens, and adults, she brought materials from Mission Central which were very helpful with the classes, we needed more of sewing and handcraft materials. Enoch also taught Catfish farming and Catfish smoking.

The spiritual blessing: From this training was a young lady who was invited by one of the members of Bible Baptists for the training. Bernice came not sure of her salvation; after explaining to her why our Redeemer came to earth over 2000 years ago she surrendered to the Lord. Sis. Ruth also informed me after the first day that she had a special gift, she helped Sis; Ruth with the training, and after the training Bernice offered to continue training others. There is a need for this skill training as part of our ministry because people always come to us for a handout, but as the old saying goes, “It is better to teach a person to fish than to give him fish” I am always encouraged by the Apostle Paul who worked more than all the Apostles yet he did not his trade in TENT MAKING. Praise the Lord for Sis. Ruth be in prayer for Bernice who is now part of the ministry, she is also faithful in Church attendance.

Catfish Project: We got some help from the brethren in Ohio to start our Catfish project in a small way on August 15th. I will keep you updated, Now we know we can feed the Orphans and vulnerable this coming Christmas season with good protein from the catfish. We brought some of our brethren from Northern Ghana for the skill training. Be in prayers with us and we are still accepting donations for the expansion of the Catfish project. Sis. Ruth left for the States on August 10th; What a blessing.

August 12th Another celebration of Life: A nephew of one of our faithful members who was always with her and our King of Kings youth club member in the 90’s but left to join another ministry passed away and we attended his funeral service. The tribute took almost one hour due to the impact he had on people. He was willing to help anyone who asked for his help He was 43.

August 18th – 20th: Adelaide’s senior brother Evangelist Boniface turns 80 on the 18th of
August. The family planned the celebration two Months before the day. So on the 17th Adelaide, Debbie, Enoch, his wife Maggie, and grandson Yoatham left Accra to join the rest of the extended family members for the celebration. The 19th which fell on a weekend was the actual celebration day. Over 300 special invited guests gathered at a hotel auditorium for the celebration. Because Evangelist Boniface was a past head of two High Schools in Ghana, a member of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and the Scripture Union. Representatives from all the above groups were there as well as his own schoolmates. The program lasted for 4 hours. When we got there the auditorium was already packed. It was an exciting and joyful day, words cannot describe it. August 20th was a Thanksgiving day for the life of Mr. Boniface. you can visit our newly updated website for more pictures, To
God be the glory. www.

Northern Ghana Churches: We praise the Lord and thank our brother from Faith Baptist Church who donated to help repair the church building that was damaged by the rain storm in July.
Again thank you for all your prayers and support in helping make the Gospel known in Ghana. Christ our Lord will repay in a hundredfold. Please keep on praying with us. 1 Cor.
In His Grace for His Glory,
Noah Quarshie & Family. ( See attached pictures, more on our website.)

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